Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You're Already Covered

Here's a smart report from the UK about Christmas shopping and how you can save yourself from getting ripped off:

But it's no good snapping up bargains if you then fall for other tricks of the trade such as expensive warranties, loans and store cards with hefty interest rates, or useless insurance.

These money-spinners rake in hundreds of millions of pounds for stores, while offering little benefit to consumers.

Sales assistants will push them because they can earn commission on every sale.

If you're buying expensive gifts such as jewellery, watches and mobile phones, then you could be offered insurance in case they are lost or stolen.

Research by insurer Esure shows that a quarter of shoppers would buy these policies. But you can cover them all through your home insurance policy under personal possessions, whether they go missing at home or when you are out.

This will add a bit to the cost of your home insurance, but will be much better value than buying stand-alone cover.

Even Mobile Homes Need Insurance

Mobile home insurance?

It sounds like insurance for white trash.

I've needed owned a home. I'm looking into renters insurance. It can come to your aid if you are a blogger and you get sued for libel (in addition to other protections). One will usually get the best deal on things like renters insurance if you get it through the same company that insures your car, etc.

I got offers on renters insurance through my bank, Bank of America, but it was only for up to $30,000, which is not much help if you get sued for libel.

Well, maybe, but even white trash need home insurance, as this article illustrates:

As fire tore through Oakridge Mobile Home Park in Sylmar on Friday, some of its residents likely knew they would bear the entire burden of rebuilding.

About 500 mobile homes were destroyed in the fire. While it's unclear how many were uninsured, about one-fourth of mobile homes statewide – 82,000 – don't carry insurance, according to a Bee analysis of 2007 census data. Another 200,000 houses don't carry insurance.

"It's hard to determine why someone wouldn't get insurance on their home," said Tully Lehman, a spokesman for the Insurance Information Network of California, a nonprofit education organization. "Maybe they assume a disaster will never happen to them."

It's a problem that plagues Northern California wildfire hot spots, too. In Butte County, site of several large wildfires this year, about 8 percent of homes don't carry insurance.

Chaplains Respond To Fire Disaster

Here's a cool article about the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team.

Duke Helfand writes:

The chaplains are accustomed to responding to disasters in some of the nation's poorest communities, places where people have no home insurance, if they own homes at all, and where victims are desperately in need of food, shelter and other essentials.

Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda presented a different, and unexpected, challenge.

On Monday, Stiles and fellow chaplain Ray Thompson of Laguna Niguel started their day at The Cascades apartment complex in Anaheim Hills, which had lost several units to the fire and looked like a burned-out ghost town.

UK Street Crime Way Up

Brits are ticked that they are paying high taxes but getting little service.

Robberies are higher in Britain than in the US.

The National Health Service was rated as the worst government service.

So much for socialized medicine.

Michael Moore made the movie "Sicko" that said socialized medicine was wonderful.

The Democratic Party wants to bring socialized medicine to the US.

No thanks.


A third of the UK population have seen an increase in street crime in their neighbourhood over the past five years.

And a quarter of people said they felt unsafe walking in their neighbourhood at night, a report commissioned by home insurer LV showed.

The report, which polled 4,022 home owners and renters, also highlighted that policing and crime prevention are seen as just 'average' in most areas throughout the UK.

The Government recently announced a £500 million plan to revive deprived communities across the country, with the aim of cutting crime levels, improving educational services, and boosting job opportunities.

John O'Roarke, managing director of LV Home Insurance, said: "This paints a bleak picture of how large parts of society view their local areas, so this announcement by the Government to inject £500 million into certain areas to help tackle street crime is much needed.

"The Government has announced a number of steps to tackle neighbourhood concerns but only time will tell if they are enough."